Orange Curriculum

The Orange Curriculum is what we use on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings for 2 year olds through 2nd grade. We chose Orange because of what it can do for you! It is a dynamic Christ centered curriculum that teaches the basic truths of our faith through month long scripture that you don’t see in other curriculums. It offers an app for parents called the Parent CUE. This is a one time $1.99 app that gives you details on whats going on in children’s ministry month by month. You can watch a video with your child that reminds them of what we are learning, as well as read articles that apply to being a parent and a ministry leader in your home. It also has great tips of things you can do in your home as is appropriate for each age group. You can see exactly what we are teaching your children each and every month!


Children’s Quizzing

This quizzing curriculum comes from the Nazarene Publishing House. Our EMC denomination participates in this quizzing program and it is so much fun! We use this curriculum to teach our children scriptures each week not for competition purposes which we remind them, but that we learn scripture because God instructed us to, and when problems arise we have that knowledge to pull from. We do quiz with area churches and based on how we do, we can move all the way up to World Competition! This is a fun and dynamic way for our children to learn God’s word! I encourage every parent to come check it out as it teaches our leaders as well as our kids!