Policies and Procedures

Servant Leaders

All of our Servant Leaders have been through an interview process as well as a background check. For your benefit as a parent, all of our leaders will be in orange shirts with our children’s ministry logo and the leaders name on them so you can easily spot someone who can be of assistants, or identifies who is allowed in your child’s classroom. Anyone not in an orange shirt should be reported immediately.

Safety Procedures

Covenant has a great check in/check out system that guarantees the safety of our children. Our sign in desk has a finger print system that requires non-invasive information, but allows for us to check children in and out to the correct adult. This keeps older siblings or the wrong person from removing your child from their environment without your consent. It also allows us to store vital information about allergies concerning your child that gets sent right to the teacher every week so they can see what your child’s needs are. We also have a security team that walks the grounds during the service to ensure the safety of our children as well as safety codes that alert our security team in the event that something should happen.
If you are interested in talking to someone about becoming a servant leader and partnering with Covenant Kids ministries, please
e-mail sarahcemc@gmail.com with your name, phone number and the best time to call and someone will contact you this week!
*We will be updating our policies and procedures in the near future.