May 2022

F.E.A.R.: Forgetting Elohim Administers Reality

“F.E.A.R.: Forgetting Elohim Administers Reality” Covenant Message for May 22,2022. As we look at Zechariah 1 we see how God seeks to speak to our fears.

Being a Holy People

“Being a Holy People” Covenant Message for May 15, 2022. Coming to the end of Haggai, how can we ensure the work we do for Jesus has a lasting effect?

Past Splendor or Future Glory?

“Past Splendor or Future Glory” Covenant Message, May 8, 2022. Looking at Haggai 2, are we comparing our work to past generations and feeling like what we are doing is nothing?

Time to Rebuild

Haggai 1challenges us to make God and the ministry of the church a priority again.

April 2022

Can You Handle the Truth?

The truth about Jesus is the same for everyone. It is what we do with that truth that determines who we become.

The Resurrection Changes Everything

Sunrise Service

The Blame Game

“Who is Responsible for Jesus’ Death?” Who is to blame for the Savior of the Universe dying? The answer leads to the proper way of approaching his resurrection.

You Are Sent

A Palm Sunday Message by Dr. Edward Williamson.

Broken Crayons Still Color

Dr. Edward Williamson shares a message with us about God’s viewpoint on our brokenness.

March 2022

The Greatest

“The Greatest” Covenant Message for Sunday, March 27, 2022. Who is the greatest? And should we strive to be great? Jesus always has the right answer.