June 2022

The Lampstand and Two Olive Trees

In Zechariah’s 4th vision he receives strange imagery that he does not immediately understand. And yet, the angel is surprised he doesn’t get it. Hidden is a powerful message for what God wants to accomplish with his people anointed to do the work he has created them for.

Snatched from the Fire

“Snatched from the Fire” Covenant Message for Sunday, June 5, 2022. Zechariah 3 gives us an amazing picture of what God has planned for us despite the Devil’s accusations.

May 2022

Immeasurable Results

“Immeasurable Results” Covenant Message for May 29, 2022. Looking at Zechariah 2, are there goals we have in life or ministry that are far smaller than God’s plan?

F.E.A.R.: Forgetting Elohim Administers Reality

“F.E.A.R.: Forgetting Elohim Administers Reality” Covenant Message for May 22,2022. As we look at Zechariah 1 we see how God seeks to speak to our fears.